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Der Stellwerker
• 5/25/2016

Adult content.

Hi all. I'm part of Wikia's staff team, and need to talk to you about adult content on this wiki.

Unfortunately, some of your articles break Wikia's Terms of Use and will need to be removed from the wiki.

Specifically, they break the part of the Terms that says you agree not to "Post or transmit any content that is obscene, pornographic, abusive, offensive, [or] profane".

The Wikia Community Guidelines explain more: "for text, content that just mentions characters have sex is likely to be OK. But content that describes exactly how they have sex, is not. Content that describes violent or non-consensual sex is expressly prohibited."

I can't link you to any examples, because I need to delete those I've seen so far, but it looks like it will be all or most of Category:NSFW.

I ask you to please bear this in mind for future stories, and (for admins) to please remove any that you find that I have missed.

Thank you

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Der Stellwerker
• 5/25/2016

Got it - we got the storys from the Spinpasta-Wiki , where you can find most of them a sesond time...

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