Any fan of the popular My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series will know about Twilight Sparkle, the main protagonist of the most recent and most popular version of the franchise.

Depicted as a somewhat neurotic bookworm, Twilight Sparkle's whole theme was to find the "Magic of Friendship".

What many fans will not of heard of is "Sparkle", a creature that while at first appears to take the form of the famous pony, but is in reality something completely unrelated to the show, an unfamiliar darkness that somehow found a means to enter the innocence of a children's TV show and wrap it to its will.

Appearing only rarely, "Sparkle" is said to have glowing eyes that distinguish her from the rest of the show, she also frequently breaks the fourth wall in a manner that is much darker than would be normally allowed on the show.

For example when "Sparkle" manifests viewers claim to stare into those glowing eyes as she utters sentences such as:

"We're good friends"

"You're not alone"

"I see you"

Although most dismiss these claims as hoaxes, jokes or overactive imaginations, there are people who geniunely believe they have experienced some kind of supernatural phenomena, though they are often at a loss to explain it.

Perhaps this is because the entity known as "Sparkle" really can not be explained by human minds - the very concept of a sentient being somehow managing to inflitrate a fictional show and taking on the form of an equally fictional cartoon character is seen nothing short of insanity to the vast majority of modern society.

Yet despite the mockery they often recieve, those who believe in "Sparkle" do not waver, continually stating that they have seen the being.

A lack of evidence, coupled with a high percentage of mental health problems amongst the believers of "Sparkle" has further alienated them from most of the mainstream paranormal community.

It is the belief of this particular writer that "Sparkle" is a concept rather than an actual being.

"Sparkle" can not truly exist...


She is likely the result of mental illness or...


Another abnormality of the...



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