• KawaiiPinkamena

    My hole life has been hard and this story might be boring we go,when I was younger I was always small I'm in high school now but I'm still around 5'00 I'm bulied quite bad to be fair I'm not really smart my iPad is like my little happy place,but I have problems ever since I herd of "pinkamena" I've baced myself off her when I get mad I will talk to myself on the bed and cry even on nice days my problem is that allmost every day I thing I might kill myself sometimes it doesn't scare me sometimes it does but when I try it's like god doesn't want me to because every time I try to kill myself I fail..I'm gonna go in with the story a different day because it's 10:16 right now and I'm tired so title

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  • Doctor Gordon Freeman

    So since the Spinpasta Wiki removed MLP from over there, what is new here? I mean, is there any rewritten pastas here or something else? Just comment below.

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  • Coolpastas557

    My one mainly is RD but send your fav's in, you dont have to but it will be a great read!

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  • Rickomarow

    Victim: "W-WHO ARE YOU?!"

    Skyblack: "Simple...think of all the sins that exist in this world, like, ALL of them..."

    Victim: "..."

    Skyblack: Did you think about these sins?"

    Victim: "Y-Yes..."

    Skyblack: "Wonderful! Now look at you see any difference between me and these sins? Well...I don't..."

    My creation needs information, right?

    So here's more info about the protagonist of the Breath series, Skyblack!

    How he was created? How was his life before the series?

    Skyblack's theme song:

    Skyblack appeared in my mind WAY before I came to the Spinpasta Wiki, I imagined him as a goofy and clumsy pony in MLP, however, good-hearted and creative!

    But, after I noticed it was my chance to show him to to the world, …

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  • Princess Callie

    Finally it's done... IT'S FINALLY DONE! And it appears the favicon might be all good too. To me. I'm not real sure but I can see it.

    Anyways, every badge in the wiki has now been exchanged for something more adaptive, and less boring, to this wiki. Now, ONTO THE WORDMARK. Just let me find a bloody MLP logo (or make one) and add the words "Pasta Wiki" to it, and we'll be all good!

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  • Princess Callie

    First Blog Posts...

    October 26, 2013 by Princess Callie

    6 days in, and I've finally managed to stop building this wiki and editing on SP for long enough to write a blog post here.

    Tbh, I'm a little surprised. Only 6 days, and there are 66 pages on the wiki. That's eleven pages a day! I hope the wiki keeps growing this fast...

    Right now, all we need are people, and pages. People and pages, that's it. Well, that and badge graphics, a working favicon, and a graphic wordmark to get rid of the boring text. But mainly, people, and pages. So (yes I'm broadcasting again) if you know anypony who is interested or looking for a wiki like this, feel free to ask them to check this one out (or forcefully drag them over)!

    Anything else? Rules? No, we have enough of those. (For now) Admins? Again, for now we have…

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  • ArkaineDestiny

    Hello. This, obviously, is my first blog post. I don't really know what to right, so I am going to put random stuff.

    I had a good start to the day, listening to a recent mix that I am in the progress of finishing. I personally think it sounds shite, but I guess other peoples opinion's count. I might post it up on my talk page for anypne to listen. I am also going to be away for most of the weekends starting from 25th October.

    Not muhc, but it's a start. BAI!

    Yours Faithfully, Digi... 00:28, October 25, 2013 (UTC)

    Ok, this is my second entry, and I am a little pissed while I write it. Why, you ask?

    Well, turns out that the psychologists at the hospital have changed my medicine. Without Warning!

    So, I had to go ALL the way down to Melbourne just t…

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  • Xxtintinxx

    the second day later

    October 23, 2013 by Xxtintinxx

    so this is my second day on the mlp server

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  • Dillydoor


    October 22, 2013 by Dillydoor

    thanks i will be a great mod

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  • Xxtintinxx

    first time again

    October 22, 2013 by Xxtintinxx

    so i am new to the whole mlp but i will get along with people

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  • Dillydoor

    hey every one

    October 22, 2013 by Dillydoor

    welcome to this new wiki have a nice stay

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