heard something, it sounded like a window breaking, Ponyville was having a storm that night and I thought the wind broke one of the windows, boy I wished I was right.

Pissed off, I walked into the living room, I was right, the window had breaked, but it didn't seemed to be the wind.

I heard what it sounded to be...hoofsteps?

I walked into the hallway, and I saw what it looked like to be a black figure turning to the right.

I was scared at that moment, I wanted to warn the Royal Guard or my friends, but I didn't want to go out in the rain, I didn't want to get a cold...

I followed the figure and when I turned right, I saw him, a black stallion with a gray mane, and his Cutie Mark was a cloud raining...blood?! And he was carrying a knife with his mouth.

Luckily, he was with his back turned to me, I sneaked my way to the kitchen, when I got there, I grabbed a kitchen knife, but when I turned around, I accidentally let a glass cup fall.

I looked back to the hallway, I saw the stallion, with his white eyes staring at me, holding his knife with his mouth...and slowly walking towards me.

I was sweating and I couldn't control my breath, I couldn't even hold the knife right...

He was like six feet from me, but suddenly...he got on his hind legs and grabbed the knife with his hoof, and jumped on me.

I tried to defend myself, but all I managed to do was a small cut in his chest.

His white eyes were looking at me, while holding his knife into the air, that had to be a nightmare, as soon as he stabs me...I will wake up.


Sadly, I realized it wasn't, I looked at my chest, his knife was stabbed in there, he had stabbed me in the heart.

I let out a wince of pain, and as my vision slowly fades, I see his white eyes again and his mouth slowly smiling at me...and the last thing I my breath...

Created by: Rockamorow
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