"Are you sure you want to live like this?"

"Y-yes! It isn't so hard to torture ponies, is it?"

"Depends...first, you need to have no remorse for what you are doing with the unlucky one, second, you need to have a strong stomach!"

"O-okay...I t-think I can torture at least one..."

"Fine, then! Follow me..."

We trotted to what it seemed to be his bedroom, there, he opened a trapdoor...

We went to what it seemed to be the basement...

There was a unconscious red stallion with a brown mane there, tied up to a table...

"You came on the right day! I was about to torture this guy, but I'll leave him for you!"

"Wait! Didn't you said that you only torture ponies for Cutie Marks?"

"Yes, I did! But I only steal the Cutie Marks from what I call good ponies! Those that didn't do anything bad, like they didn't steal, fight and for bad ponies. I not only steal their Cutie Marks, but I also torture them, depending of how bad his actions were! The worse his actions, the worse the torture! Got it?"

I thought about it for a second...

"Y-yes, I got it..."

"Good, now this guy was a VERY bad pony! So, you know what your job is..."

After that, he trotted to the stairs.

"Any problems, tell me! And just a tip: think of the most sensitive part of a stallion!"

I thought about it...It gave shivers down my spine.

After that, he trotted upstairs and closed the trapdoor.

Now I was alone, well almost alone.

I grabbed a scalpel and went to the stallion, he seemed to be waking up...

"H-huh? W-where am I? W-who are you?"

"Nobody you should know..."

"Why am I tied up? What's going on?!"

"Listen! J-just stay calm, okay? I-I..."

Skyblack already had everything ready, a mechanism holding his penis up, and a scalpel ready to cut.


"Just stay calm!! I aimed the scalpel at his throat...

He was sweating already, he looked scared...


"P-please...don't kill me!"

"That's not what I want! But, if you don't keep calm, I'm going to have to!"

I backed off, I was messing up...

C'mon Redflower, stop being such a coward.

I aimed the scalpel at his penis.

I wanted to be quick, but I didn't know if that's what Skyblack wanted...

I was afraid that if I killed him way to quick...Skyblack would get upset...

Fuck it...I quickly started cutting his glans open, he was screaming so much...

I was scared at that moment, scared that somebody discover that it was me, scared that if I decided to give up, Skyblack would get angry.

I started tearing up preety soon, and I gave up.

I let the scalpel fall, and looked at my work.

His glans was severely cut open, being hanged by some skin.

And then I looked up, and saw him crying.


"I-I don't know..."

There was so much stuff going on my head, that I just let it fall on his chest...

He looked confused and too.

I finally decided what to do...

I trotted back to the tool table... And grabbed a knife.

I went back to him...

"What do you want me to do?"


What have I done?

"I'm sorry...I wasn't born for this..."

He kept quiet...

I aimed my knife at his chest, but my hoof just stayed there, hanging in the air...

I decided to appeal, I trotted back upstairs...and called Skyblack...

"Sky! I give up!"

He opened the door and came at me...

"Just how I expected...torturing isn't for anyone, understand?"

"I tried to impress you, but..." I was sobbing...

"I understand, don't worry...I'll finish the job..."

He walked back downstairs, but he didn't close the trapdoor.

I could hear him saying..."Hello, Mr. Thief! How are you? Remember that 50 bits you stole from me?!"

After that I only heard the red stallion's screams.

I trotted out of there...

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