"Three steps to the left! Hurry up!"

A normal day here at the camp. Normal to you too but everyday there's soldiers doing training exercises at this camp. Lt. Rowe had a discussion with us again. He is talking about bayonets today. "If you stab an enemy using this bayonet, and if you can't get it out from him, shoot him so the recoil will push the bayonet out from him.". One of our guys stood up and asked him a question, "Sir, why do we need bayonets if we could shoot them at the first place?", that made Lt. Rowe mad and after few hours, we called everybody to the meeting room to talk about an operation.

"Probably some of the people near the beaches of Los Angeles claims to have seen flying horses on the sky."

Some of the guys started laughing. The General hit the desk with his fist saying, "This is not some kind of bullshit I am talking about! I am serious and I want the troops to get them!".

Sounds weird to me since flying horses don't even exist, only on Greek myths. That's when I remembered a show related to it, the TV show I don't even liked.. Yeah, everyone knows it and almost most of the people love it, calling themselves "bronies". Who knows what? I decided to do a research of myself and started searching an abandoned house nearby the house for some answers. I don't know why I search over there but my troop mates told me I could look over there..


The thing that fell on my head that has a paper left inside.

Then I am inside the house, checking all the shelves and rooms inside until a typewriter and a bunch of documents fell down on my head.


When I stood up, the typewriter still have a paper inside it. The paper has letters inside. I read it and it's about the eye witnesses of the US WW2 soldiers on Normandy about the same stuffs, flying horses. That's when I thought of something...

Written by: Doctor Gordon Freeman

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