"This is Alpha 547 Hotel-Foxtrot-November, do you copy? We have a package coming here for you.."

It is a peaceful day here in Ponyville, every pony is happy and I could see that non of them have a hard time. But not all is kind, we have some crazy ponies here too.. Most of them, they kill some ponies they want, but not yet me. One day, something bad happened...


"We went down... I lose consciousness."

"Alright! Move out everyone! Go! Go! Go!"

They got me, I can't escape. They are fast and they are bigger than me. I don't know what to do, I was tied up and placed on a cage with two other ponies. And there's loud noise coming near by, a sound I could not recognize and I just heard today.

"That's all for now, lets leave this place!"

We went on the air, and I closed my eyes, praying to Celestia to come and save me but I know it would take time before it.

"That's the portal."

We were 5 kilometers away, and we pass through a portal and I could see outside some kind of a forest with big buildings on the distance and some things down on the ground I couldn't figure that is moving in different directions. That's when something hit us and we fell down to the ground. I was unconscious...

I could say I am captured...

Written by: Doctor Gordon Freeman

Part 2 soon...