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So, you know these things called cutie marks? Yeah, those small tattoo-like things ponies earn. Well, I have been reasearching about these little personality tellers and I've have learned alot recently, but they aren't really good. So, recently in the news 7 children have passed out by the cause of a epileptic seizure when watching one of the episodes of MLP, FiM. No, I do not know directly which those episodes are, But I know that they include some actual explicit content, not for the eyes of children up to 11. These episodes include:

  • hanging
  • murdering
  • massacre
  • innapropriate activity

and so on. You may be wondering if I reviewed this episode and yes, I have. I do not recommend younger audiences to view it, cause it has really insane content. Lets just get right into it now. So, basically, the episode starts off with the usual intro, halfway through the intro it cuts to the title of the episode. "Cutie Mark", it reads. The episode begins with the CMC (Cutie Mark Crusaders) searching for any interesting activity in gaining their own cutie marks. Sweetie Belle asks Rarity if she knows anything Sweetie could like to do, and Rarity recommends a few activities. The other members of the CMS team do the same. After, they do the things the mares have recommended. All of them earn cutie marks. Except, the cutie marks look more dull then normally colored. Curiousity hit the centre of the brain, so they asked Twilight about it. Turns out, even the princess of friendship doesn't know what it is! With no hope, 1 full day passes without knowing what the dull cutie marks mean. Apple Bloom goes out to search for a answer, but Sweetie Belle and Scootalo don't encouter her the very next day. They start looking for her, but actually don't find her ANYWHERE at ALL. Then, theres a loud unexpected speaker and colors rapidly switching and flying everywhere. It was hard to tell what the image was first, but it got clearer. It was a half distorted image of Apple Bloom. There was text on the top.



Written by Corrupse
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