ponyville 10pm Edit

"beware the reaper of the night, who stalks the streets at dusk, murdering all who are unfortunate enough to get in his way."

fluff puff finished reading from the ponyville legends book...

her friends who were sleeping over, blue diamond, silver spoon, diamond tiara, knuckles headbane and rosebud listened intently to the story of deathblack, a rumoured serial killer, yet nothing could be proved.

"this is probably a dumb-fuck idea, but... why don't we see if the night reaper is real?" asked rose, who was rather quickly met with "ARE YOU MAD!?" from just about everyone except blue, who said:

"well, rose has a point. what if the night reaper is just a old pony tale, like that nightmare moon return last nightmare night ! it could be possible that he's just a load of hot air and superstition"

so, together, they headed out into the black night, each practically expecting the night reaper to suddenly jump out and kill them, or for a hoof to cover their mouth as a knife slit their throat...

then, diamond tiara screamed.

there, like something out of a nightmare, stood the reaper himself.

he was black like luna, but his mane was a fiery red, the same as his eyes. he opened his mouth, revealing several sharpened teeth as he smiled and said "6 come looking, none may survive. i believe, we should play the game 'marked pony'."

"the rules are simple. get from here, to trottingham in 7 days. do not tell anyone, or all of you die, and every night, one pony will be marked. this is the pony that is due to die at the day's end. any who try to stop me get death as well. you might want to get sleeping bags otherwise ya on the ground. otherwise, do what you want. get pregnant, drink your own piss, fuck each other in the night, i don't give a shit! but tell no-one... see you in piss!" with that, the reaper disappeared into the shadows...