hey all! smelting core here, bringing you a new death series spin-off! this is the story of what the f*** will happen if the psycho killer deathblack joins with the rainbow factory.this is NOT a rewrite of the spinipasta known as Breath:rainbow factory (tis similar though). sit back, and enjoy the gore!

Deathblack's trophy room, Ponyville, 10 am Edit

Deathblack was reading the newspaper when the headline "Rainbow Factory, Monsters or Heroes?"

Puzzled, he read about how the factory was connected to a string of abductions, ranging from foals to full-grown mare and stallions. the factory, it seemed, had fallen on hard times after their chief researcher, Dr Hyde atmosphere, left the factory and destroyed his superior, Rainbow Dash (this was a decoy) and to further add to their difficulties, the flight test deportation to the factory was outlawed.

He then quietly got up, spread his wings and flew toward the factory, crashing through the wall on the 4th floor where he was met with a sight that rivaled even his brutality...

Rainbow Factory, Cloudsdale, 10:30 am the cells and minor processing Edit

Huge steel cages, some holding up to 30 ponies were all over the place. the cages had no tops and for a minute, Deathblack wondered why the pegasi just didn't fly up, when he saw that they had broken bone protruding from their wings, the unicorns had their horns snapped off and the earth ponies had broken hooves.

Then, a mechanical claw came out of nowhere and grabbed a blue Pegasus mare despite yells of "NO!" from the others, the mare was taken above some sort of device/ machine. heavy blades severed each of the mare's limbs, and as they each dropped into the machine, large amounts of bright blue liquid began pumping into vats.

A huge, needle-like appendage came and began draining blood from the mare, who finally dies from her injuries and was dropped into the device, horrible crunching noises echoed out from the device as more blue liquid poured out from the device and into the vats, witch in turn lead to massive pipes that vanished underground.

"So it's true...." Deathblack silently whispered to himself, just before feeling a sting on the side of his neck and blacking out...

To Be Continued...
To Be Continued...-0

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