rainbow factory, Time unknown, the cells Edit

deathblack slowly awoke and hoarsely wondered out loud "where the hell am i? i remember a pain, then.... knockout drugs. i've been captured!" he began struggling to escape from his bonds. thew rusty chains binding him were hardly of any use,as he snapped them easily and began moving toward a nearby door.

"HALT!" one of the guards yelled, only for his windpipe to be shattered by a vicious blow as he fell to the ground, coughing blood and choking as deathblack ripped off his spear that he carried and walked on.

"so in other words, i've been given a 10,000 bits paycheck! WOO!" one of the employees yelled to his friend as they worked, extracting the required spectra, but suddenly he felt a spear emerge from his chest, and dropped as deathblack looked on.

he stared down at the sight he saw.

inner processing, the factory, time unknown 12 AM Edit

bodies. a sea of dead ponies were piled below, all grey and lifeless, most had a slash in their chest and a needle pin-prick hole from where the machines had done their work, yet some had bullet wounds in their head, making it look like he was not the first to investigate this place.

"holy fucking hell..." deathblack quietly swore under his breath and thought "wow... this is something i never expected"

just then, he was struck in the head by rainbow dash, and, turning she said "you now have a choice. leave and never speak of this, join our factory, or die. your choice"

"i choose to join"


Fyre flicker

fyre flicker

a red stallion with metal wings and a lime green mane, mixed witha brownish part flew over and asked "what's up? you yelling like that made me cock-up harvesting resource N.o 20103!"

"well, we have just recruited a new factory member. show... whats your name?"

""deathblack" deathblack responded

"go show him the ropes" rainbow ordered and fyre lead him off into the bowels of the factory...

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