the factory, time unknown 1 PM, cloudsdale Edit

Deathblack followed fyre through the inner workings of the factory, finally reaching a huge room where several ponies were resting, till fyre yelled "OI!" and they scrambled up and he said "we have a new employee joining us. meet deathblack, your new co-worker!"

a young-looking mare with a aqua and yellow mane and tail came over and said "my name's sapphire hoof, otherwise known as employee 209. i work the labs and oversee the production statuses." she trotted off as another mare came over and said "hyper flicker here. i work on the machines and help with whatever the hell the lab is doing. i'm friends with sapphire, but i'll tell you who to watch out for...."

she was just about to say something, when an explosion was heard, followed by a crash as a dark blue pony with a green and yellow mane falls in through the ceiling, before getting up and saying "sorry all. lightning burst tried mixing spectra with gunpowder and some acid. ended up worse than a derpy hooves disaster!"


lightning burst is crazy!

just then a crazy-looking pony jumped in and said, in a perfect derpy hooves impression "i just don't know what went wrong!"

"lightning burst, ya crazier than hyper"

"shut up scar!"


deathblack stood in the shadows and waited for the cyanide gas concoction to knock out the Pegasus known as dawn shimmer. soon she topped over and he walked forward, snapping both wings and dragging her off to the cells, a hard white bone showing through the skin.

soon she would wake up.too late

Dawn awoke, and instantly attempted to scream as she discovered her broken wings, only to be silenced by scar, who snarled "shut the fuck up" as hyper began the usual 'rainbow factory' speech. After this, the harvester claw grabbed dawn

Hyper flicker-0

hyper flicker

Steel heart

steel heart's evil twin, scar

Hyper flicker
Sapphire hoof

sapphire hoof

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