(How much pastas are based around the CMC getting killed? Oh well, my turn. They all deserve it. DEATHBLACK, TORTURE AWAY! Also I won't be doing Applebloom's cowboy accent, I suck at doing that.)

The bell rings for Sweetie! Edit

(Sweetie Belle's turn)

"Hmmm? Where am I?"

"In my place... In a cage, and no one but me can hear you."

A dark black pony walks out of the shadows and i ask him who he is and he replies:

"My name is Deathblack, Sweetie Belle. I'm pretty new to the art of torture, but I'm sadistic as fuck and i'm psycho. sane, my ass!"

I see him grab a hose pipe, and he inserts it into the hole in the cage. He closed the only opening!

"Hmmm... Fresh BBQ! Me and the crew are gonna be stuffed tonight..." He says, as he flips a switch. The hose pipe strangely starts sprays fire. It hits my mane and caches on fire, I feel my skin slowly burning; my flesh roasting as the fire licks at me. I scream. I scream in pain, sobbing in agony as I slowly die, smoke invading my lungs and choking me from within...

"Let me outta here, or else..."

I feebly choke out, but I feel my heart give one last beat, and then ceases entirely.

I feel the chill of death in my bones...

Smelting a spoon... Edit

(Silver Spoon's turn [both DT and silver are gonna meet a painful end])

I awake to find a glow below me and I nearly scream as I raise what it is.

a huge smelter has been set up and I'm dangling above it. I call for help and a dark black Pegasus.

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