Dear Princess Celestia,

I know that I cannot send any of these letters to you, but I cannot just forget about those thoughts which I have on my mind just now either. I feel more content and more organized writing to you rather than simply writing nonsensically.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to end another another pony's life?

If you ever were to read this, you most certainly would be wondering why I ask. It is not that it were anything special. I was visiting another library to which I had not been to too often, looking for a book that I had not read yet. The book that eventually caught my attention was entitled The Anthology of Evil: Equestria's Most Notorious Killers. I had never seen that particular book before, what brought me to the conclusion that it must be the only copy of it. Under that circumstances, I could not resist but read it. It was written like nothing I had read before. It was neither written entirely barren and dry like any factual book nor with fantastic and exciting wording that was to find in fictions. It was writ in a rather folkish language and more strongly opinionated than anything else. I was rather fascinated with the stories of all those ruthless killers. What could drive one, what could be one's motifs to do such a deed? What could have driven The Killer of Canterlot to kill an entire family of four in such a gruesome way? Greed, envy, wrath?

That was the question that I could not get out of my head these days. What emotions, what thoughts go through a pony's mind that makes them want to end another being? Why do they feel the need to tear the life away from another pony? Especially if the case is that they have never even met said pony? What must they think when they hear their victims breathe out their last, knowing that they have caused their demise themselves I do not know why, but it is torturing me, not knowing the answers to any of those questions. Normally I would just look it up in a book, but there is no chapter written in any book, that would give me the answers I want. Unfortunately, I cannot talk to a murderer myself to ask them about their motifs. I want to be able to comprehend one's motivations for commiting a crime so heinous. I will try my best to learn more about this topic so I can understand even a little better. 

Your faithful student,

Twilight Sparkle

Written by BronyWriter

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