NOTE: Author's first creepypasta

I am a big fan of MLP. But there is one pony I like the most. Rainbow Dash. I watched the whole 3 seasons of MLP: Friendship is Magic, Had a collection of My Little Ponies, And a poster of MLP: Season 2. And of course I am just your every-day average brony who all day long does nothing but sit on his computer chair and watching the latest episodes of MLP: FIM. Well, today, I was looking for some MLP episodes to watch on YouTube, When I stumbled across this video.

It was titled "MLPFIMSEASON3EP14.avi". And this is where my head began to thought.

"There was only 13 episodes, How can there possibly be a 14th?" Thinking to myself it is a brand new episode that I've never watched yet, I clicked on the video and began watching it. This is where the horror starts.

The HorrorsEdit

It started out with white noise and static for about 5 minutes. After that, I could hear and see Rainbow Dash and there were distorted sounds and voices. But then, I noticed after the scene, things started getting creepier. There were more distorted sounds, and I could hear moaning and blood curdling gargles. What I found was disturbing. 

Frame by frame, You could see pictures of horrifying mutilated bodies of ponies and you could also see that the background was covered in bright-red blood and there you can see Rainbow Dash having realistic eyes with a knife in her hand. The next scene, I could hear Rainbow Dash saying something in a demonic tone. This went on for 5 minutes until the screen faded to black. After that, There is another scene where you can see the bloody red skies. There, I could hear Rainbow Dash say something, but I couldn't hear what she was actually saying because there was static. The next frame showed Rainbow Dash killing Pinkie Pie, her best friend. I can't believe why RD would do this.

"NO!!!" Pinkie Pie would shout as Rainbow Dash tried to kill her own friend.

Rainbow Dash then said once again in a demonic tone, "Enjoy your stay in hell,"

The next frame showed the rest of her friends dead as well. Then there was static and the screen faded to black. The next frame showed 5 minutes of Rainbow Dash killing the other ponies in Equestria. Then, I could clearly see Rainbow Dash having a gun pointed to her mouth and then there is a loud gunshot and her head bleeds violently. Then the video ends with a message in backwards saying:

"You're next, Joseph."

How did he or she know my name? I must find out.

NOTE: Joseph was found dead in his apartment on February 23, 2013. The police reported seeing a note that reads:

"There will be no hope for tomorrow."