Time to go home...EditEdit

(Mewtwo's side)

"I know who you are, and I'm able to help you get back home." He says. "What the fuck? Who are you, and why do you know who I am?" I ask. "I am the pony form of a certain person on the internet, but call me Ultim. I can help you get back to the Pokémon world."  He answers. I ask why I should thrust him. "Look, do you want to go back to your own world or what?" He asks, slightly angry. "You're right. But can I destroy this village first?" I ask. He takes away my horn and says that it has been nerfing me. I can levitate forever again, and all my power is back. But my form still isn't. 

I float up high, and charge a barrier of blue energy around me. I let it explode, killing and destroying everything in Ponyville. I feel kind of sorry for Derpy, since she was pretty adorable and clumsy like a Psyduck. Oh well, too bad. I return to Ultim, and ask him to bring me back. I go into the portal once more, and regain my normal form. But I don't land at home...

Party's finally over!EditEdit

(Pinkie's side)

I finally finish killing enough people, and report to Maestro. "Good, now let's prepare for the journey back." He says. I take a look back at my work, and eat some of my delicious cupcakes. Yum, Pokémon taste good! He charges and we go through a portal. I get my pony form back, but Ponyville isn't the next stop...

The final showdown!EditEdit

(This is the perspective of Maestro and Ultim)

Mewtwo: "Hey! Who is that weird pony over there? And why are we in an arena?" Pinkie: "Yeah, this isn't Ponyville Maestro!

Ultim: "Of course not! You have to fight to see who is the best psycho!" Maestro: "LET THE FIGHT BEGIN!" 

Maestro: "Pinkie charges at Mewtwo, but he manages to dodge and throw her away with psychic powers! Pinkie uses a sleep arrow, and it has success. Mewtwo is helpless and asleep, and Pinkie cuts away at his knee."

Ultim: "Mewtwo awakes and grabs her knife with his powers, and throws it. PONY'S EYE! RIGHT INTO THE... WELL, EYE! Mewtwo is glowing now folks, a disco ball is forming around him. There's no doubt: MEGA EVOLUTION! And it's his X form! He uses Brick Break, and it hurts Pinkie badly!"

Mega Mewtwo X

Maestro: "Pinkie gets back, bleeding like shit! She throws her knife, and it hits Mewtwo's muscles hard! More blood gets spilled all over the place! She runs and stabs it in deeper and deeper. Ow, that must hurt..."

Ultim: "Mewtwo seems to be charging! With his unstabbed hand, he uses Brick Break once more, and it shatters Pinkie's skull! MEWTWO WINS!"

(Mewtwo's perspective) I can finally go back to my own world. Now I can murder Pokémon once again...

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