I'm gonna be doing a pasta about a psycho Mewtwo who gets turned into a pony and kills ponies while exploring Equestria and trying to get back to Kanto. Pinkie Pie, also a psycho, gets turned into a Pokémon and kills Pokémon while exploring Kalos (Newest region because of new Pokémon) and trying to get back to Equestria. It's wirtten very similar to the Breath series, and it's multiple parts. Last thing: Pinkie's parts are gonna be shorter then Mewtwo's, since I know more about Pokémon. But I'm trying to divide equally.Without further ado, let's get started!

The Dream of the clone EditEdit

(Mewtwo's side)

Ugh... Where AM I? This seems like an area that you will go into when you smoke the leaves of an Oddish's head! But I don't need drugs, I'm too mighty for that. The last thing I can remember is that I got hit by a Lucario's Aura Storm because I was murdering. I see something appear in front of me. It's a harsh light, and it's coming closer! I try to escape, but get sucked in. I feel an immense amount of pain before everything gets black....

Passed out psychoEditEdit

(Pinkie's side)

OWIE! Where am I? Is this some sort of afterlife effect? But luckily, no spirit judge sent me to hell, so I must have passed out somehow. I tried to think of how. Maybe because I tripped over a rope that I use for tieing down ponies. Or I ate one of my own nap-time cupcakes by accident. WHOA! What a bright light! I seem to go in, but instead of everything turning white, I see more and more black...

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