Where the fuck am I?EditEdit

(Mewtwo's side) I wake up in a peaceful forest. I try to rise, but it's hard. I see a river and I decide to drink. I see my reflection. HOLY MOTHER OF ARCEUS ON A POGO STICK BACKFLIPPING OVER TEMPORAL TOWER! I'M A PONY, A HORSE'S BABY!  I can't walk on those hooves, but I see a little horn under my haircut. I still have my psychic powers, and try them out. Sweet! I can hover too! This makes thing easie- OW! Well, fuck, it lasts for a short time. Even though I trip a few times over that stupid new tail of mine, I learn how to walk properly.

I see a village and walk to it. It's pretty big and bursts with life, energy and ponies. Well, I can use some murdering right now. I walk in and all those cute eyes start staring at me...

Normal Mewtwo


Pony Mewtwo. How close does he look?

Is this a party place?EditEdit

(Pinkie's side) Golly, where is this place? It appears to be a road. It it grown with grass, trees and some weird capsules that seem to contain items. I don't bother picking up anything, but I see some water, and I want to wash my face a bit. AAAAAH! I'm a Puko- no. Pake- no. Pokémon! Yeah, that's the name of the animal-like creature I am now. I am still a pony, and I have some white flames on my back. I know four special moves, but I want to see some blood. Where is my knife?

I see it lying in a patch of grass. I go near it, but I get surrounded by Pokémon. I also see a ape-like tall creature that appears to be commanding them. And the commander and his Pokémon don't look friendly at all...

Pokémon Pinkie


Normal Pinkie, chose cute form cuz Poké form looks cute

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