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  • Pastas involving the original generations of My Little Pony, outside of Friendship is Magic, need to go in the "Generational" category.
  • Haunted Files don't go in the Computers/Internet category.
  • Lost Episodes do not need the Television category.
  • Articles marked with Equestria Girls do not need the People category.
  • Anyone can add Marked for Review, but only admins can add Flagged for Deletion.


  • Animals: Pastas dealing with animals (other than Equines).
  • Beings: Things that aren't quite equine...
  • Computers/Internet: Pastas for things dealing with computers and the stuff in them.
  • Death: Pastas in which someone or something dies.
  • Diary/Journal: Pastas made to look like a diary.
  • Disappearances: Ponies going *poof*
  • Dismemberment: Pastas involving...well, dismemberment.
  • Dreams/Sleep: Disturbing things that go bump in your sleep.
  • Items/Objects: Odd objects and disturbing artifacts
  • Memes: Pastas dealing with well-known internet things.
  • Mental Illness: Insane individuals and ponies who may not be all there.
  • NSFW: Pastas with a high amount of brutal/sexual content and description.
  • People: Pastas dealing with people specifically.
  • Places: Those odd landmarks where strange things happen...
  • Ritual: Pastas where a certain set of things needs to be done to accomplish other things.
  • Science: Pastas dealing with Science.
  • Shock Ending: For those times where you really couldn't see the ending coming.
  • Television: Spooky TV shows and odd occurances on TV.
    • Lost Episodes: Shows involving content that the creator probably never would have allowed.
  • Versus: Pastas involving fights/conflicts between two or more creepypasta characters.
  • Video Games: All your spooky gaming needs are here! More realistic than life!
  • Generational: For the original generations of MLP other than Friendship is Magic.

Site Maintenance Categories

Admin-Only Categories (Only Admins can add these.)

Founder-Only Categories (Only the Founder and Permitted Admins can add these.)

  • US: User Submissions for Pasta of the Month that will appear on a poll. If you wish to see one in this category, leave a message on the Founder (or a Permitted admin) talk page.
  • PotM: Pastas that are/have been at least once a pasta of the month.
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