Author's Notes Edit

This is currently unfinished. Please feel free to contribute, or comment! So please don't go like "OH DIS IS NOT A CREPYPASTA DIS UNFINISHED" or something like that. Also, the date? That was the actual first airing of the MLP:FiM episode called "Bats!".

The Actual (and currently undone) Story Edit

Diary Entry, 12/28/13.

I knew Applejack shouldn't have come along.

I knew I was correct.

And I knew....

...something the rest of Equestria does not.

I was petrified when the rest of my friends sided with Applejack. Twilight didn't think, she just went ahead and sided with her. I purposely did something I, as Fluttershy, wouldn't normally do. I let the bats bit me because i wanted to kill, yes I said it, kill, Applejack. Pinkie was right. She wasn't exaggerating. Vampire Ponies do feed on ponies.

You are the second one to know this, reader.

Fluttershy, Element of Kindness.

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