Chapter 2-2: The dangerous letter!Edit

"Insane Stalker, you have been gone for almost a day. From tomorrow and on, the ponies of Ponyville will chase after you, and they're not helpless. We are giving you a fair chance of escaping, but don't expect more mercy from us. Signed, Princess Celestia." Well, I'm oficially f***ed from now on. They're chasing me from tomorrow and on, which means I'll have to get up early if I even get the chance to sleep. I walk forward, ignoring the sudden cold temperature and sleepiness. Ugh, what have I brought myself into? How did they find out? I look behind me briefly, and see a small cloud of smoke. The ponies who are after me probably set up camp, including a fire. I don't have time for that, they will spot me. I travel onward, searching for another home where I might live in. But when am I gonna find it? With then pretty large amount of questions, I travel forward...(End of Chapter 2) 

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