Chapter 3: A new home already?Edit

The sun rises slowly. My eyes are heavy because of the lack of sleep, but I can't really sleep now. The searching crew is far away, but I don't like taking risks, so I traveled onward. I saw a bunch of vultures flying above me. They won't get a bite out of me, though. I go forward, seeing some other cacti and cutted them for juice. This went on for quite a while, and more "snack animals" get closer to me. I even saw scorpions! I ran away quickly, and reach a mysterious sign. I then see something that makes me go HALLELUJAH! I FOUND A NEW TOWN! It's Manehattan! Oh man, I am so glad I found it! 

I go in, and got greeted by the ponies there.

"Traveler, you have been lost in the desert! We will aid you. Drink this water and take a bite of this watermelon."

That's weird... Watermelons never tasted so... peculiar before. I don't even taste anything. Then, I wake up. GODDAMMIT! FATA MORGANA! And to make things worse, the searching crew has caught up to me!

They all scream at the same time, like they rehearsed: "STOP THERE, IN THE NAME OF CELESTIA! WE FOUND YOU, AND WE WON'T LET YOU ESCAPE!"

They charged at me, surprisingly holding several melee weapons. I kill Fluttershy the easiest by slicing my knife through her neck. She has a small knife with her, it's pretty much worthless. I throw it at one of the ponies and make a small cloud of soft sand around me.

They are all confused of where I go, while I used the confusion to slowly sneak up to one of them. Applejack, to be exact. I stab her quickly and dig under the sand. I drill through the stomach of Rarity, and that only leaves Rainbow Dash. She has no weapon for some reason, but she kicks me hard in my face. She gives me some more untill I put my knife with all my force into her hoof. I then hit her in the eye and other vulnerable spots. I use some of her blood as a drink, collect some organs for food and travel onward yet again. How long is this journey gonna take me?

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