I was a psycho pony. I was a dangerous one. I had fun doing my favorite way of killing: Stalking and then BAM! But I did not stalk them for more then one day... Oh no, I was too impatient for that. Greatest thing was: Nobody new where I was hiding! My buddy Crimson was also a psycho pony, and we had the greatest time ever. But the great time didn't last that long...

Chapter 1: The shocking discovery!Edit

Celestia and a bunch of other bothersome ponies came in our secret base.

"There they are! You two are arrested for huge crimes!" Celestia said,

Rainbow Dash tied us down, and Rarity said: "You two have done terrible things! Doing illegal, dangerous experiments, mass murdering... What shall we do with them, Princess Celestia?"

"I have seen both of them. But Crimson is one of those dangerous psycho ponies. I know what to do with those, like many others!" 

She opened a portal to the 2nd dimension of Equestria. 

"Say goodbye, Insane!" She said. She probably read my mind and found out what my name was. She sent Crimson into the portal. "As for you, you are BANNED out of Ponyville forever! You have three hours to prepare everything, and don't even DARE to murder anyone or sneak away."

And so I packed everything. I cried of what happened to Crimson, I have heard legends of the 2nd dimension being terrible. The ponies who arrested me came, warning me that time was running out. I walked out of my house, preparing for the great travel to come. They had discovered that I was a psycho, and I heard them wispering about chasing me after a while. Could it become worse?

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