Equestria has changed... It advanced over 100 years into the future. Modern techniques are available in the peaceful world of ponies. Or... is it even peaceful? Well, apparently, not. Three dead bodies (two fillies and a colt), a diary and a hand mirror were found. In the diary, a story was found that has been able to scare even the bravest ponies. A story of the daughter of a dead, but infamous pony. This is the story of Sugar Sweetcake.

The Diary of Sugar Sweetcake...EditEdit

Me, Silly Funnyface and Featherweight Cloudy were on a trip to get some food from a snack bar. But Silly Funnyface said: "Look guys, a big old mansion! Let's go explore!" I said that it might and probably will be dangerous, but Featherweight agreed with Silly's idea. A rotten old sign was next to the mansion, but it was so rotten nobody could read it... We went into the mansion. It looked even bigger from the inside! "Forget my comment, this is amazing!" I exclaimed. "Where should we go first?" Featherweight asked. "To the basement! That's usually the creepy place!" yelled Silly. "But I don't like creepy places!" I said. Silly said that he was just kidding and that I shouldn't worry about the basement.

After a short time of searching, we found what looked like the entrance to a basement. We went down a dark staircase which creaked with every hoofstep. "This sounds like a cliché horror movie." I whispered. Cloudy and Featherweight laughed. The staircase eventually stopped, and we found what looked like a combination between a chiurgien's work station and a bakery. We opened the fridge, but we were shocked when we saw a skull from a pony. "OH MY GOD!" we said. I saw a beautiful hand mirror lying on the ground. I picked it up, but it was full of dust. I blew it off and saw my own face, smiling back at me. But as soon as I turned away, a picture of a bloody, grinning pony armed with a knife appeared within the mirror. "Come with me, daughter." She said in a mesmerizing voice. It was Pinkie Pie, known as a deadly baker, A.K.A. MY MOM! Now trapped within a mirror. I said: " Mommy?! Come back..."  Those were the magic words or something, as she came out and murdered Featherweight and Silly. "Let us take revenge on the ponies who sealed my soul away..." She said. I disagreed, as she was angered. "Fine, I was gonna let you live, but NOOOO!" The last thing I saw was her blood covered knife...

Pinkie here! I'm coming for you! My cupcakes will be delicious with you as special ingredient!

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