Please view this page before you make your request.

I'm setting this page up for obvious reasons; so that no one has to ask how to request a promotion on this wiki, and what guidelines/conditions need to be fulfilled.


As far as right now, a person can request adminship if:

  1. They have at least 400 edits. I know that no one has that much at this very moment, but we're going to wait to promote until the wiki has expanded some. We may not either, but we also have a reputation built on other wikis. With the wiki as small as it is now, it matters.
  2. They have knowledge of how to use the SYSOP/Admin dashboard. This includes user rights and blocks/bans.
  3. They have contributed at least three pastas to the wiki.

A person can request Chat Moderator if:

  1. They are vigilant on the chat for at least 1 week.
  2. Have not been banned or kicked
  3. Have obvious knowledge of the Chat Rules.

A person can request Rollbacker if:

  1. They have at least 100 edits. Again, not many will have this many edits. (Of course I could be wrong.)
  2. They have knowledge of how to rollback a page.

A person can request Bureacrat if:

  1. They have administrator rights.
  2. They have 1000 edits.
  3. They know how to promote.
  4. They have a good reason.

Making the Request

Making the request, for now, is simple. Leave a message on CalasanX's or Digital Brony's talk page under a new section headline, which can be done in the top right hand corner of the editor, with information on the following:

  • Number of edits and bans. (admin)
  • Number of days on the chat. (Chat mod)
  • Number of edits. (Rollback)
  • Number of edits and a very good reason, since bureacrat rights are not revokable. (Bureacrat)

This information should be posted along with the reason that you should be the rank you are requesting. We will review your case and decide, whether by our own discretion, or by talking to each other and other admins, to promote you or not. You will not be promoted just because you want to be whatever rank you want to be. I'm sorry, but that's the way it has to be.

If you are refused, deal with it. Don't rage about it. Especially since right now we are only considering promotion for Chat Moderator.

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