Sweet Apple Massace III - The Stupidity Goes On

After BigMacintosh had fucked his way through all of Equestria, including his granny, it was time to move on to the human world!

So he went to the palace of Canterlot where a dead Celestia was still drifting in his cum and entered the human world using the portal he had first of all, of course, plunged his dick through, so that those humans would know for sure what was coming for them.

He found himself in a city - a city full of innocent victims he could use to let out his sick urges, eeeyup!

... but just at this moment a tram rolled over him and crushed him because he was standing exactly on the lines. 

THE END!! (Woah, this was more creative and had more plot than the previous two parts altogether! xD)

P.S. A nurse was really delight looking at his really viable semen. She donated it to the local sperm donation station. 

P.P.S. Unfortunately all of it (ca. three liters) was given out to plenties of women...

P.P.P.S. Twenty years later the world was fucked up by a horde of red guys with colossal genitals.

P.P.P.P.S. Yes, I just did drugs and shat this stupid crap out in less than five minutes but it was incredibly liberating, so fuck off!

(All credit goes to Der Stellwerker)