One normal day in my house, I saw a new My Little Pony episode (It's a girly show, and I'm a boy, so I didn't watch that much MLP) It did not have a name for the episode which was strange, but I watched it. It was just a normal episode (It was a friendship is magic episode) for a few minutes.

I watched it until some unknown villain that was a reindeer popped out of nowhere, then the ponies knocked him out witch was unusual for a show like that. The ponies put him in an lab that was never in any episode, (it didn't look like Twilight's lab) then the ponies smiled at him, saying "Oh Hi!", then saying their names when he waked up.

Then they put him in some tube of a cilander shape (sorry if I spelt cillander wrong) tube, then machines with deadly saws that was sawing his eyes out. Good thing it only showed the ponies laughing evilly at the tube cause I would have vomited. Then the villain went out of the tube with no eyes and he was crying blood, I was so terrified that I turned off the TV.

But when it turned back on, the villain popped up on the screen saying: "Kill them or you will die" in a voice that sounded like Sonic.EXE, then I quickly grabbed a lighter when the villain pulled me into the TV, then I was face to face with the ponies, then I burned them all with the lighter and they where screaming.

I felt bad for the ponies but I did it to save my life, then the villain turned to normal pushing me back out of the TV and into my bedroom...I did not watch the show for 4 months...Now I have nightmares of that same villain having no eyes and crying blood, I don't know when they will stop.

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