Victim: "W-WHO ARE YOU?!"

Skyblack: "Simple...think of all the sins that exist in this world, like, ALL of them..."

Victim: "..."

Skyblack: Did you think about these sins?"

Victim: "Y-Yes..."

Skyblack: "Wonderful! Now look at you see any difference between me and these sins? Well...I don't..."

My creation needs information, right?

So here's more info about the protagonist of the Breath series, Skyblack!

How he was created? How was his life before the series?

Skyblack's theme song:


Skyblack appeared in my mind WAY before I came to the Spinpasta Wiki, I imagined him as a goofy and clumsy pony in MLP, however, good-hearted and creative!

But, after I noticed it was my chance to show him to to the world, I sent him to the series as this crazy mental rapist psychopath, the exact same opposite of how I created him!

Also, his full name is: Skyblack Graymane!


Skyblack, apart from torturing and murdering, has a normal life too, he does thing from going outside and climbing mountains to get fresh air, walking around, listening to music (not very normal music), eating cupcakes and muffins, looking at the sky to calm down, but also does things according to his own "mental" personality...Masturbating, cutting himself for fun, eating dead bodies and even necrophilia...yes, he does have a mental disorder...

Until episode 5, he killed ponies and stole their cutie marks to give it to the poor, as meat, but after episode 8, he killed them for pure fun and pleasure.

Early Life

As it was seen in Breath: Black Past, Skyblack's dad tried to kill him after he discovered that he was part of an assassin clan, in result, Skyblack had one of his testicles crushed and he was mentally scarred for life after that...

He found new parents that treated him well, but the scars remained and after lots of years, Skyblack heard about Ponyville, he thought it was good place to go, he went village to village until he got there...

Right Now

Right now, his status is unknown, but it's believed that he is alive and well, doing his job, along with his companion, Fluttershy...


  • Skyblack is a smoker, as it was seen in episode 5 of the Crimson Darkness series.
  • His voice sounds like Postal Dude's from the Postal series, however, more deeper.
    Postal Dude Badass Voice Quotes

    Postal Dude Badass Voice Quotes

  • Skyblack's mood is absolutely random due to his mental disorder, sometimes he's angry, sometimes sad and etc.